About this webinar...

Historical records must be retained for legislative purposes. That creates challenges for you as a business.  You will want to minimise cost and effort expended on supporting archived data in Oracle databases and supporting applications no longer being run. These are the questions we are being asked:

  • In what form should my archived EBS data be retained and how will data be accessed, by whom, and how frequently?
  • How can the cost of future support be minimised while keeping the archive data available?
  • Should we migrate all the data to the new cloud solution provider? 
  • How do we still allow our business users to create ad-hoc reports? 
  • How can the cost of Oracle software licensing and support be minimised?
  • How do we handle P60s, P45s, Payslips, or invoice reprints? 

 If you are moving from Oracle EBS to Cloud some of the other challenges you will face include:

  • How will aging Oracle technologies be supported without retaining specialist skills just to service legacy systems?
  • Can the system be hosted without relying on expensive proprietary hardware?

Join Mike Sowerbutts, Gaurav Sehgal, and Rishabh Miglani who will walk you through some of the best practices for Archiving your Oracle EBS data. Our SMEs will also talk about how Claremont and SplashBI can together help you manage historical data with ease and accuracy so you can focus on your day-to-day business outcomes while staying compliant with all UK regulations.

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