About this webinar...

Financial Reporting can be challenging, you need ways to reduce the time to produce reports, remove iterations, manual effort and free up time for analysis.

In this webinar, we’ll show how a typical day in the finance department can be much easier as users access and control their financial data with SplashGL. In this webinar our SME will cover how one can;

  • Easily build financial, operational, and ad hoc reports
  • Retrieve and refresh the data quickly and easily through Excel
  • Distribute reports to your team, other departments, and key stakeholders
  • Easily check account balances live and in Excel (with drill-down details)
  • Easily access a live, drillable Trial Balance report directly in Excel

 Join Julian Sweet and Graham Spicer on 24th August at 11 AM BST, in this enthralling session, where they show how easy it is to build drillable reports for Oracle EBS and how SplashGL eases your financial decision-making.

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